• Fun times in Bass Strait


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Up until1st December 1700 hours after this late entry charges and conditions apply.

For help with local accomodation, transport or other logistics contact:

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Important Dates:

27th October 1.00pm Launch date of the Aust Oceania Laser titles and Laser training weekend (coached) at the MYC

December 8-9th Mersey Yacht Club training weekend (coached)

How Cold is it going to be? Water temperature 16 deg C Air Temp range from 25 to 28

"I normally wear a Ronstan Skiff Suit, no sleeves, 2mm/3mm thickness summer and winter, with a spray jacket and life jacket in summer. The local laser guys vary between full length sleeveless to short legs/arms wetsuits. Given the person is from Queensland I would suggest a full length wetsuit given the cooler water temperature in Devonport in summer. Just checked Summer water temperature in Devonport in January 16 degrees against Brisbane 26 degrees!!!!"

Welcome to the MYC Oceana Australian Championships Jan 1st-9th 2019 website.

We look forward to meeting you and giving you the incredible experience of sailing on the world famous waters of Bass Strait.

Come and enjoy the cleanest air ,beautiful scenery, challenging racing and the best local Tasmanian food and wines.

The organising committee for the championships have been working feverishly to prepare all the documentation a couple of new documents are attached below. These will begin flowing to you the competitors, family, friends and officials.

On a local front the MYC are currently upgrading all our IT infrstructure to provide the latest wifi, phone,PA and data through out the site. New switches, cabinets , Cat 6e cables and public WIFI are well under way.

We have a capitol works program scheduled to commence in early September to widen the northern lawn dingy access and our boat ramp will be having upgrades. We have a foreshore grooming program also in place.

So its full steam ahead with the planning and management of what will be the largest sailing event to be ever held on the North WestCoast.

Image the spectacle of 200-300 lasers yachts heading down the Mersey River and watching them from the Bluff light-house.

We will have Olympic champions and international sailors from upto 14 countries competing in the worlds most popular one design class.

On theMarch 2018long weekend the MYC hosted the Tasmanian State Laser titles over three days.

Visiting Victorian high performance coach, Mark Tonner-Joyce described the Mersey Yacht Club facilities and Bass Strait race track as both being fantastic.

Mark also said the standard of racing by the Tasmanian athletes was excellent and a credit to the Tasmanian Laser Association development initiative as well

as the Tasmanian institute of Sport program led by Head Coach, Richard Scarr. Sam King said the

"racing in the waters off Mersey Bluff was the fairest water and most suited to laser sailing he had been on recently."

I will be providing regular updates as this project matures.