Construction and Maintenance Projects October 2018 Latest Update.

The MYC continues to forge ahead with alarge range of projects in the pipeline at this time.


Upgrade of the MYC club's IT infra-structure, 80 % completed.As mentioned back in May, Chris King has taken on the huge task of dragging our communication IT infrastructure up to the latest standards in preparation for the Laser Championships.

He has laid over 2 kilometers of new Cat6E data cable throughout the MYC complex. He has put in several weeks of labour to save the club a considerable amount of money. He is future proofing the MYC for all our IT needs for the next decade. It will allow us to be flexible in the deployment of computing,security,phones,wifi and the public address speakersfor club events and major championships such as the Australian Oceania Laser championships. A fantastic job. Please pass on your appreciation to Chris.

TasSpan will commence marina pile driving starting the third week of October 2018Four additional piles as well as existing piles to be sleeved and capped to ensure the long life of the marina against future flooding.

MYC Boat ramp. Thanks in part to a Devonport City Council grant of $25,000 and Tassal donating pontoon decking we will also be commencing work on the MYC boat ramp with Tasspan removing the currently condemned finger and driving threereplacement piles to support a floating pontoon with a return to replace the old damaged trailer pontoon. This will commence once the main marina piles have been driven early November 2018 in readiness for the titles.

River access from lawn to be expanded. The current ramp access off the northern lawn will be made 6 meters wider allowing easier access to the river for sailing dingies. Lance Burton, Graeme Woodhouse and others will be starting this project the weekend of the Saturday the 13th October. All additional help will be appreciated.

Finishing install of wheelchair lift near completion.Cant Believe it but it is still NOT DONE! After many meetings and much angst there is some movement towards what we hope will be a good outcome.

Women's toilets have been completed! Almost! New exhaust fans to be fitted.But we have new LED lights, fresh coat of paint, new shower rails, new toilet water cistern, new toilet roll holders, tiles replacedand a liquid soap dispenser.

Refurbishment of Men's toilet shower changerooms .Half way there.One toilet has been replaced and a hand dryer and soap dispenser installed. Two benches have new stainless legs thanks to Graeme Brown. Benches stripped and re-varnished by Andrew Ayton.New extraction fans and sensors are being fitted.

Entrance Foyer New carpet tiles have been layed on the stairs and top landing along with replacement of wornout areas inside the bar entrance and exit to the deck. Trip hazards have been fixed in the main lounge area.

Training room Now has new LED lights thanks to Lance Burton. The original flouros only worked intermittently.

Rescue vessel Bailey has two near new Yamaha 70 HP four stroke motors to replace the 15 year old 60hp Mariners. All reports are they are a huge improvement and were much needed for the upcoming sailing carnivals. this will exstend the Bailey's operating life for many years.

New junior sail training vessel GRANT. So namedfor the many years of service by the the Grant family and their contribution to sail training.Thanks to another successful grant application we received from the Devonport City Council we purchasedthe RIB with a 18 hp Tohatsu. This is well suited to safely support junior saling. We look forward to encouraging junior sailing programs at the MYC which have been missing from our calender. Please consider if you are interested in supporting this program.